Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bounty by the Bay......

I had the most wonderful vacation in San Anselmo, California (across the bay from San Francisco.)  I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time with my dear friends Jami and Bonnie.  Days of fantastic weather, amazing food (both Jami and Bonnie are superb cooks and even have an outdoor wood fire oven from Italy,) fun sightseeing, walking and hiking, plus plenty of rest and relaxation!

I'll let the photos take you through some of the highlights......

A day in the city..... a view of Lombard Street.

 Reflections on a beautiful sunny day in San Francisco......

An early wake-up call so I could take photos of the sunrise by the Golden Gate Bridge....

The colors of the weekly Farmer's Market:
I sampled my way through the entire market....

 ...and saw beautiful baskets of flowers everywhere.

.... and this was my first time tasting a "Pluot" 
(a new one on me - apparently a cross between a plum
and an apricot!)


My generous hosts and me, dining at Casa Carlson......

... and I was thrilled to reconnect with my college pal Eric
and meet his lovely wife Linda!  
(Be sure and let me know when you're going to be in Ohio!)

The Pacific Ocean!  With my new canine friend, Pismo.
(Kiss kiss, scratch, scratch, buddy!)

Of course I can't forget the reclusive Chloe.  
(Yep, that's the face she gave me every time she saw me.)

Well, I have hundreds of photos to go through, but I just wanted to preserve my time on the West Coast right here on the Web!   And yes, I've reserved the "same time, next year."  

Thanks, dear friends, and make sure my room is ready!

Love to you all ~~