Monday, January 18, 2010

Exciting News (multiplied by two!)

First exciting news item:

I just found out that one of my photo submissions won 2nd Place in the 2009 Ohio River Sternwheel Festival Photo Contest!!!!  I was so excited when I got my letter (and check) in the mail this week.  Here's my winning photo:

"Reflections by the Levee"

This was also the site of my infamous "slip and split" while taking photos that day (see this link for THAT story.)  But at least my aches and pains were worth it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Second exciting news story of the year:

My husband and I became great-grandparents this month (I know, hard to believe we could be SO OLD!) 
So without further ado, behold Ariel and John's beautiful baby boy, Jacob Patrick:


Winking at Great Grandpa

"Please, I'm trying to sleep!"

"Yes, I have lots of hair, too!"

So great news to start the year.  Here's hoping you have a great start to your 2010 as well!

Sue :)