Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland....

I'm not a cold weather lover, but I had to appreciate the glorious snow we saw over the weekend!  Everything was covered in the beautiful white stuff.......

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The cats weren't too fond of the snow, either, so of course we had to let them in!

Mamma Kitty in front of the heater.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Caramel Kitty managed to get in several naps.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And Fluff preferred looking out the window at the snow!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So we have our White Christmas!
Here's wishing you a beautiful Christmas, too!

Sue (& Dave)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Big Buck - the one that got away......

I haven't had time to post here for a while, but I got some photos of a monster Buck in our back yard.....  in the city!  No wonder he is such a huge buck - - no one can hunt him!

I'm hoping to find his shed antlers after winter...  they will definitely look great on a table.

With two sets of drop tines, I can't even count the points on this buck.

 This would surely be in the Ohio Big Buck category.

The doe he was following was a huge doe, so that should tell you how big he is...
he was sitting about 12 feet behind her.

Well, that's it for now.
If I don't get back here before the end of the year,
please have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Remember....keep looking up at the sky
(Santa may be there!)